Why Lease With Us?

Why Lease With Us?

You can shop around for your lease financing just as you can shop around for the equipment you want to acquire. With Interior Leasing, you are dealing directly with the funder of the lease.

Exceptional Service

You will receive speedy personalized service from a dedicated team of leasing professionals and benefit from local decision making by people who understand the economy and environment in which you operate.

Take Out the Middleman

With us, you deal with the actual funder of the lease, not a “middleman” between you and the money. Beware of other lease providers that then “sell” your lease off to another lease funder as this may result in increased costs to you.


We issue pre-approvals which provide you with more negotiating power with your preferred vendors. Simply apply for credit and, once approved, we will provide you with an approval which will then allow you to shop wherever you like and negotiate the price knowing the lease approval is a done deal.

Multiple Vendors

You may acquire equipment from more than one vendor and have it all on one lease. You have the freedom to purchase your equipment from various vendors but deal with one leasing company for all of it, Interior Leasing.


Our process is extremely simple

  1. shop for the equipment you require from your preferred vendor(s)
  2. apply for credit to Interior Leasing (visit our ‘How to apply’ section)
  3. once approved, together we design a lease that works for you and the appropriate documentation is signed
  4. Interior Leasing purchases the equipment and the lease commences